Puglia is a land of charm, beautiful sceneries, art, relaxation and fun, starting from the Gargano mountains, going through the long and spectacular cliff, up to Salento wide beaches and crystal clear waters.
Blue sea, green nature, deep red soil, golden sunsets: holidays in Puglia are multicolored emotions throughout the year.
Gallipoli, known as the pearl of the Ionian Sea, is enclosed in the crystal blue sea and the tranquility of the ancient walls of the beautiful old town; the "movida" of the main streets is the ideal destination for a holiday where both the fun and the daily relaxation find the right location.
The town  is stretched out over the Ionian Sea and is divided into two parts: the village and the old town. The first is the most recent part, built on a peninsula that juts out into the Ionian Sea to the west. The center, instead, is on an island of calcareous origin, connected to the mainland by an arched bridge dating back to the seventeenth century. Of great historical importance is the nature island of St. Andrew, about a mile off the old town, characterized by the presence of wild animals, such as Seagull course.
It’s the  ideal place for a new type of tourism that combines the desire for a real vacation with cultural interests related to the beauty of Baroque art. You can discover artistic beauty, Salentine festivals and traditions, enjoying a truly memorable holiday.
Not to mention the aromas and flavors of Mediterranean cooking, to be discovered in the many local restaurants and feasts of the wonderful summer evenings, colored by popular folk traditions.
Staying at Relais Charles V will give you the opportunity to experience unforgettable emotions and reach the beautiful places of this land all to be discovered.
Below a mention and a photo gallery of the most charming places to visit during your stay in Salento:



  • The Magnificent  “Castello Aragonese”
  • The Museo Nazionale with “Gli Ori di Taranto”
  • The Cathedral dating back to 1070 AD
  • San Domenico Church


  • The “Basilica di Santa Croce “
  • Carlo V Castle
  • The Roman Amphitheatre
  • The “Palazzo dei Celestini” and the Dome.


  • The Roman Columns on the  Via Appia Antica
  • The Archaeological site of San Pietro old district
  • The  Bastioni San Giacomo and  Porta Mesagne
  • The  Ribezzo Museum

… and then we suggest Ostuni, worldwide known as the “White Town”,   "the  Trulli Town" Alberobello, Castellana Grotte, Otranto, Santa Maria di Leuca, Castro Marina, Porto Selvaggio, Porto Cesareo, and so much more .